Compress PST Software to Reduce Outlook PST File Size

Compresses multiple PST files quickly!

This software clears the space that has been already allocated to a file, but is empty, i.e, it compresses and applies compaction onto the user's PST file to reduce its size. It runs to reduce the PST file, especially when the size has increased effectively and needs to be taken care of. Because sometimes due to oversized PST, Outlook starts working slower. So to avoid such problems its better to reduce the size of your PST file.

  • Compress size of PST by performing compaction and extracting the attachments.
  • Extracted attachments can be compressed further and saved without any data loss.
  • Batch conversion is possible.
  • A separate folder is created for the multiple extracted attachments of each PST file.
  • The user friendly interface has been designed as per the convenience of the users
  • A CSV report is generated at the end of the compression process.
  • Supports all the versions of MS Outlook (including 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013).

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Key Features of PST Compress Tool

Complete Description of Software and its Features

Remove Outlook Attachments

Remove Attachments

By using this option, attachments from single/multiple PST files will be removed. If you are aware that attachments in your mails and other folders are not important, then to delete the attachment from every single mail will be a tedious task. So to detach attachments in a single click from emails, this option should be used. But keep in mind that those attachments are permanently deleted. Deleting unwanted attachments of emails effectively reduce the PST file size and protects your file from corruption.

Extract Attachments

Extract Attachments

If the attachments you think are important and can be used in the future, then in that case you can easily save those attachments in a separate folder even after extracting them from Outlook data file. It will extract all the attachments to reduce the size of PST file and create a lot of blank space in it, so the file could contain the new data. If you sneed to extract and save your attachments simultaneously, then choose the option "extract and save attachments".


Compress Attachments

This is an additional option which will zip the entire attachment by its zip feature and which is embedded in this software. So if a user wants to compress his/her attachment file, then in that case this proves to be helpful. At time of transferring files, zip files can be easily transferred because of their compressed nature and smaller data move quickly over the network in comparison of massive data. Compressing is generally required for large files or when you are performing batch conversion.


Keeps Meta Data Intact

Meta data of email including sent to, received from, cc, Bcc, etc. can be kept secured and original using this tool without any data loss. The structure of the metadata remains the same as it was present in the main PST file. The software is built using advanced algorithms, and hence it avoids redundancy. Means, no duplication issue will be encountered by you as it restricts the duplication of data without any loss of data. And as it is based on advanced algorithms, so user can see everything live.


Batch Compression

It can compress multiple PST files at a time and also by selecting a folder that contains multiple PST files in it. Batch conversion of files is completely based on a user's choice whether to select a single file at a time or several Outlook PST files. Use "Add Files" button to insert single or multiple PST files simultaneously or click on "Add Folder" option to directly browse a folder containing multiple PST files in it.


User Friendly Interface

It provides a user friendly interface and it is also more sophisticated to install and implement this software. It is not mandatory that a user should have any profound awareness to deal with the software. It can be easily implemented without any special guidance by non technical users belonging to any field. If you have compressed a large data using compression, Outlook will perform better & faster.


Supported Versions

It supports all the versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2013,2010,2007, 2002. Compress PST Software compatible with Windows operating (including win8, win7, vista, win2002, etc.). It can compress the PST files which are running on any of the above mentioned versions of Outlook. So user need to worry if they are working either with older or latest version of Outlook as it is compatible with all.

CSV Report Generation

Software does not mix up the attachment of one file with another and reduces the chances of problems which can occur in the future regarding data mixup. And for more convenience, it generates a CSV report of the entire process and provides a report related to final results.Complete information about each data file that has been compressed and also acknowledge users about current size of file after performing compression is provided.

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Demo Limitation

Just download free trial edition of Compress PST software to checkout working performance of software. You will compact first 5 email of per folder of PST file.

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